The Majestic Hotel


Built-in 1889 The Majestic hotel is a Victorian building owned by the Cairn Hotel Group and part of the Hilton Doubletree chain. The hotel comprises of 180 bedrooms, several conference and function rooms, 4 bars & restaurants, a spa & sauna, gym and an indoor swimming pool.

The fifth floor staff living quarters were to be converted into 15 super deluxe rooms. Right Heat were contracted to initially extend the existing domestic system and drainage to accommodate the room conversions. Once completed we were to then refurbish existing en-suites floor by floor and connecting them onto existing services.

Upon initial investigation, it became immediately clear that both the drainage and domestic systems were massively undersized and were not compliant to current building or Water regulations and were not fit for purpose.

Due to these findings on the fifth floor, we surveyed the entire hotel and found out that there were a lot of historic issues with both systems which were resulting in customers being refunded on a daily basis due to the lack of hot water.

These refunds averaged from £1800 – £2000 a week, which was not cost-effective for the running of the hotel.

After completing the survey we came to the conclusion that it was not possible to use the existing system as the majority of the waste was lead with little or no fall, the hot and cold water systems were a ladder system meaning water trickled from high level to low level supplied by two tanks in a purpose-built room above the 5th floor. The pipework was also severely corroded and had huge issues with airlocks and circulation.

After several meetings it was decided, the only way we could eradicate all the issues and guarantee a fully working system would be to install a new Hot and Cold pressurised water systems and a new drainage system, which would link into the existing cast iron external stacks, which were in good condition.

At this point Right Heat appointed a Consultant to design complete new hot and cold water systems to include the redesign of the plant room, boosted tank room and produce a set of schematic drawings which we could work too.

We started by installing a 10,000-litre sectional storage tank in the basement which had to be built in situ due to supply Three 418v constant pressure booster pumps that were set at 7 Bar to achieve the required flow rates working on a pressure differential of 0.3 bar switching duty every 300 minutes to evenly distribute the workload, this fed both the hot the water system which is provided by 2 x 905 kw plate heat exchangers giving delta T of 10 degrees on the secondary on the return which we installed a new stainless steel pump to provide even circulation and cold water systems throughout the entire hotel.

We decided to use press fit fittings as they are a higher quality fitting and omit the requirement for hot work permits, all pipework would be copper which offers the greatest lifespan. The Hot, Cold and Hot water return runs from the basement in 108mm on an agreed route through the centre of the hotel feeding each level on both wings up to the 5th floor, each floor has an independent flow and return with pressure reducing valves, means of isolation and back flow prevention adjusted to provide a flow rate of 15 litres per minute at each outlet, high quality lagging was specified to reduce heat loss and heat transfer throughout the whole installation, each room which totals 180 again has independent isolation, back flow prevention and a secondary return up to within a meter of the furthest draw of point now has an en-suite with bespoke high quality sanitaryware and showers.

To give a scale of this project there was over 8 mile of pipework and over 27650 fittings installed, pressure tested and commissioned.

The project had to be done whilst the hotel was operational and trading which in itself provided a huge obstacle and issues as there could be no down time with the water.

This lead to a very tight deadline as we had to complete the whole installation and then change over from the old system to new within 2 days between the hours 10:00-16:00 so the water was back on and up to temperature for customers in the evenings. Sue to the scale of this we had to do this in 2 phases and provide a temporary supply for the first night which no consultant could advise on so had to come up with and in short, meant installing prep pipework and then reversing the supply and flow of water for that one night. This was a monumental task but worked impeccably well and resulted in only one complaint in the evening.

The Second day we swapped over onto our new system which again had to be live and commissioned for the evening guests, this was a logistical nightmare and borderline impossible, to the point that several other reputable M&E companies had refused to do the job as they didn’t see how it was possible or viable. However, with careful planning, Right Heat were able to accommodate our client’s requests.

We pride ourselves on a very high standard of work and will accept nothing less, we aim to provide a level of service that other companies simply can’t compete with and this is a perfect example of how we are able to go above and beyond.

Every job we undertake no matter the size is fully compliant with health and safety with Risk and Method statements provided, the safety of not only our engineers but the people around us is our priority and their well being as far as reasonably practicable is paramount.

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