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Pets at Home is a British pet supplies retailer selling pet products including food, toys, bedding, medication, accessories and pets.

With stores up and down the country, we have been supporting Pets at Home with our HVAC service for a number of years on both completely new installs for new stores, as well as with refurbs of older stores.

As part of each project, we are required to design and install new air conditioning and ventilation within their new stores, including the back of house and groomers.

When it comes to the air conditioning side of things, we use Mitsubishi Electric or Daiken air conditioning units.

We also complete plumbing works for the back of house WCs, colleague room, food prep areas, cleaners sinks and the showers.

When it comes to the groomers, because they have dog baths they require Grundfos Home Booster to provide cat5 protection for water regulations.

We also install Airius De-Stratification Fans to help save energy by circulating the hot air that rises to the roof back down to the shop floor – improving efficiency.

As some of the stores require a refurb rather than a completely fresh install, we would go into the store and update the existing installation by replacing the air conditioning units and plumbing.

With the refurbs, these are often carried out throughout the night to allow the store to remain open in the day, meaning they can continue to generate revenue.

We’re delighted with how our relationship with Pets at Home has developed and we look forward to supporting their growth plans for 2024 and beyond.

We also completed their Brighton Store, which was a project where we made everything green.

For this project we used Air Source Heat Pumps (Mitsubishi Edodan Units) to heat the water in the amenity area which includes WCs, colleague room and cleaners sink etc. as well as also feeding into the groomers hot water for washing dogs.

The store wanted to use a more greener option than just normal AC, so we used a system that is Hybrid VRF based, utilising Mitsubishi equipment.

We also made sure that all WCs were water saving to prevent excessive water use – all in all, a great success!

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